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All your haircare essentials for natural curls.

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CURLY SUE HAIRCARE is a platform for those with natural curls to reframe the idea that your hair needs to be fixed and is unmanageable, into accepting your hair just the way it is. Whether it’s frizzy or coily or curly or wavy, we want you to:


Find a collection of Curly Sue’s own products, together with amazing all-natural brands catered for all curl types. All black-owned brands are vegan, animal and cruelty-free.

The brands to choose from include:

ETHEREALL - Designed to be weightless on the hair while effective enough to achieve that natural glow using natural ingredients. As seen in Conde Nast Traveller.

FLORA & CURL - Designed to respond to the essential needs of your curls with the help of truly natural, plant-powered and nourishing ingredients. Featured in Glamour Magazine.

JIM + HENRY - The finest ingredients whipped to perfection for curly and afro hair types using ten ingredients or less. Includes the UK’s first brand to create a leave-in hair conditioner comprised of only eight ingredients. Featured in Vogue Magazine and Harper’s Bazaar.