My name is Ili, otherwise known as Curly Sue. This name was kindly given to me by a man on the street many years ago and ever since then, it has become my alias. I have mixed curly hair myself, with Eritrean and Serbian roots.

I have created Curly Sue Haircare as a platform for those with natural curls to reframe the idea that your hair needs to be fixed and is unmanageable into accepting your hair just the way it is. Whether it’s frizzy or coily or curly or wavy, we want you to FLIP IT, FLUFF IT, OWN IT.

Curly Sue Haircare
I started 
doing my own research on how to take care of my hair, after noticing how damaged my curls were becoming and unable to repair it, I was overwhelmed with the amount of information. However, I was on a mission to embrace my curls and get healthier hair so I was willing to try anything.
Months later, I started to build my knowledge on how to treat curls. I realised how many of us are unnecessarily struggling and it is possible to have fun with your hair and do YOU while still keeping it healthy.

Through Curly Sue Haircare, I want to share this information, showing you how simple it can be and create a space for open and honest conversations about curly hair.

I am excited to be on this journey with you all!

Ili x